It's All About Your Brain

The brain is your most critical organ! From expressing who you are and enacting who you want to be - it is the key to accomplishing, being, doing anything. Without a healthy, clear, well-functioning brain-organ efforts are wasted, time is lost, relationships and health suffer and generally, life is harder. Sometimes, impossible.

And yet, it is the most ignored organ in the body.

I coach people - brain-injured teens to high-performance athletes - so they can be healthier, happier, smarter & more effective. 

I am an agent of change - a force multiplier for your brain/mind/body. I use an evolutionary lens - meaning I pay attention and use ideas from evolutionary biology and psychology to help make sense of what the brain actually is, how it functions, how it heals and what it needs.

My book, The Primal Brain Solution, will be out very soon!!!

How to Work with Me

I've created a health framework, Bioalignment, that I use with my clients and write about (in my blog) that will soon be a book as well. I investigate our interactions, or lack thereof, with nature and how the built environment (home, car, city, etc) and invisible structures (cell phone, chairs, etc) are affecting us (and I guarantee they are). Bioalignment can fix the evolutionary mismatches in our lives. It's better than biohacking, and more holistic, because it's an accessible, common-sense approach to life and health. 

A little about me:

  • I have a BA in Infant/Human Development and my MS in Health Education 
  • I've advised top-tier natural/organic companies (client list here), in addition to working with hundreds of private clients
  • I have a unique perspective that cuts to the quick
  • My personal life experience is broad; it's helped me create a deep understanding of struggle and the need for clear, common-sense answers to tough problems

I build better humans.

Phone:  +1 415.634.7222 - Email: