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It's All About Your Brain

The brain is your most critical organ!

From expressing who you are and enacting who you want to be - it is the key to accomplishing, being, and doing anything. Without a healthy, clear & functioning brain-organ efforts are wasted, time is lost, relationships and health suffer and generally, life is harder. Sometimes, seemingly impossible.  

And yet, it is the most ignored organ in the body.


  • Coaching - From brain-injured teens, to CEOs and high-performance athletes - be healthier, happier, smarter & more effective 
  • Writing - My book, The Primal Brain Solution, will be out very soon!!! I also write a blog and sometimes write for other blogs and magazines
  • I have a podcast - The Primal Brain Podcast - and sometimes I give interviews on other podcasts
  • We also speak to and coach to large and small groups
  • We use an evolutionary lens, meaning we pay attention and use ideas from evolutionary biology and psychology to help make sense of  what the brain actually is, how it functions, how it heals and what it needs

Here is my podcast with Hunter Maats of Mixed Mental Arts - CHECK IT HERE!