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 Hi! I'm Jenni, nice to meet you! 

Hi! I'm Jenni, nice to meet you! 

Paleo. Evolutionary. Functional. Ancestral. Innate. Native.

These all fall into the realm of ‘ancestral’. By viewing health and living through an ancestral lens - an evolutionary lens - we can align ourselves with what we ARE already. Homo sapiens; built to move, create, be social and solve problems. We could easily be called Homo socialis (we are very social creatures) or Homo faber (and truly creative). But if we want to be wise (sapien), then we need to acknowledge where we came from, what we were built for and how we function.

We have a slow-motion plague happening right now. Rampant, preventable disease from cancer to diabetes is growing in our modern populations. We move less, eat more crap and stay inside more than ever before. And it’s not just killing us, but making our quality of life take a dive.

And guess what? This slow-motion plague is destroying our beautiful and magnificent human brain. The multiple attacks your brain fends off daily - lack of sleep, chemical exposures, too much sugar, too much stress, too much artificial light, not enough sunlight, not enough nutrients - create a lack of brain-resilience.

Our brain volume is shrinking. 

Our concussions are harder to get over, we get more brain diseases, we depend more on caffeine, we have high rates of depression and anxiety, we suffer through headaches and brain-fog, hormone problems and obesity, rarely considering that the one organ that makes us who we are, and allows us to be and do every single thing in life, is malfunctioning.

To be energetic, clear and resilient is to be a healthy human. It’s normal for us. We can learn from our past, and become Paleo-Modern, stop this slow-motion plague and reclaim not just our health, but our future.


Brain health determines the entire scope of our functioning.

And yet, it's the most ignored organ in the body!

From expressing who you are to enacting who you want to be - it is the key to accomplishing, being, and doing anything. Without a healthy, clear & functioning brain-organ efforts are wasted, time is lost, relationships and health suffer and generally, life is harder. Sometimes, seemingly impossible.  

We intend to change that! My book, The Primal Brain Solution, provides knowledge and common-sense action steps - via my blog and podcast - to enhance brain performance, avoid disease and heal brain injury.  

About The Primal Brain Solution Book 

A new book by Jennifer Aguilar, MHEd, CBFC, (publishing in July 2018) explores the pandemic of brain injury and disease, what is causing this in our modern landscape and what to do about it. She doesn't just offer sage advice through an evolutionary lens, but helps redefine how we think about that 3-lb gelatinous marvel inside our skull. 

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You can heal your brain, you can prevent brain injury and you can avoid Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and CTE.

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