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Let’s get real.

The coolest thing nature ever made, might be the 3 lbs of gelatinous material that we call a brain. It can help us learn Arabic, design a skyscraper, make a movie or learn how to ski.

But did you know that the human brain is losing volume and size?

That brain-diseases of every kind are on the rise?

That modern life presents an full-out assault on the amazing human brain every day?


What can we do?

Stop pretending like tech is going to save our robust brain and our health. We have to go back - way back - to get aligned with what we are.

300,000 years of being homo sapiens - We are HUMAN. Built to do, be and act in certain ways. To be healthy, to pass on healthy genes, to keep that big, old, dense brain - all we have to do is align with how we came up in the world.

Hi! I’m Jenni, and I have expertise in pre and perinatal health, childbirth, breastfeeding, child development, parenting, evolutionary health, nutrition, movement/exercise & brain health.

I’m a podcaster, writer, teacher and rabble-rouser. Also, I’m a mother, wife, sister, friend and co-worker. I love to travel, practice yoga and walk/hike across this great planet of ours.

You can work with me!

Listen to my podcast, read my book or consult with me about your life, health and wellness. Contact info below.

I use 300,000 years of evolutionary knowledge to help people regain their health, wellness and happiness. I work with people within these key areas:

  • Brain Health & Wellness - Many of my clients are recovering from brain injury or looking to prevent brain disease.

  • Pre and Perinatal Health & Psychology - From Pregnancy through the First Year of baby’s life, we can work on a birth plan, breastfeeding success, sleep issues, being a new mom/dad and more.

  • Nutrition & Herbs - My areas of knowledge are in primal nutrition, gluten & dairy-free diets, navigating food allergies and healing with food and herbs. From rehabbing your gut, to losing weight - we can work on just about any issue via these powerful tools.

  • Life Coaching - Life can be hard! Whether you need to navigate a troubling time or relationship, learn how to deal effectively with stress or level-up your game to find more ‘success’…I’ve seen it all, and worked through it, around and over it.

  • Consulting - My specialty is finding a way that modern humans can access ancestral health - in any situation. From ‘corporate health’ to group dynamics - I sometimes work with small companies, groups and families to create more robust health, happiness and success.

You can be a healthy, happy human!