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Why Birth Matters

I started my career in search of knowledge for a powerful pregnancy and birth when I was only 23, expecting my first child. What I learned then informs how I frame human health and behavior now. 

I have over 20 years of experience in pre- and perinatal psychology and health.

  • I am a Certified Parent Coach via Parents as Teachers,

  • Happiest Baby on the Block Educator, 

  • Certified Childbirth Educator & Lactation Counselor

  • …with a BA in Infant/Human Development and

  • My MS in Health Education (MHEd)

  • However, my education is informed (deeply!) by my experience as a mother with 4 successful homebirths (utilizing midwifery care) and parenting children that are now 25, 23, 17 and 14.

I have one grandson, age 2 - I was at his birth and he had the same midwives as his 17 year-old uncle!

If you are going to be pregnant, pregnant now or have a child; know that this is a critical time for you and your family. It's an opportunity to vastly improve you and your child's health, to secure an emotional future that is stable and to change the trajectory of your future family. BIRTH MATTERS. MOTHERS MATTER. MAKE IT COUNT. 

Services I offer:

  • Private consults for pregnancy, birth and parenting (any age)

  • Public speaking on a wide range of topics

  • Consultation for non-profits, midwifery centers, practitioners and more

Please contact me for more information on these services. You can schedule a FREE 30-minute consult with via email or phone: or 520-222-6931

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