Food Isn't (Always) the Answer

To the various tribes of Paleo, Keto, Vegan and No-Sugar eaters - as with many small groups of religious observers - food is the answer to everything. Cancer? Just eat differently. Obese? Drop carbs, or meat (depends on who you talk to). Need more energy? Juice something! Eat like an Eskimo, or a gorilla. Or don't eat, just fast once a week. Or cycle carbs, or eat slow-carbs, or eat pounds of butter.....and on and on. 

In some way, every food-focused group has a point. Americans eat so poorly overall, that ANY improvement in diet will increase health markers. If you are eating the average of 70-90 POUNDS of sugar a year, any reduction of that will help. 'Weaponized' food is the norm, loaded with chemicals, salt, sugars and trans-fats. It is stacked in nearly every aisle of our grocery stores, subsidized by the government and marketed as real food. If you don't educate yourself, you WILL become unhealthy just via diet. 

However, a sole focus on food negates the ability to focus on environment as well. And by environment I mean what you've been exposed to, how you actually live and what you expose yourself to now. If you think food will do it all, you are sorely mistaken. The 'only food' paradigm allows a comfortable feeling of total control to exist. 

Our toxic load varies tremendously from person to person and place to place. Did you grow up near a nuclear facility? Was your mother exposed to x-rays while you were in-utero? Did your parents own a farm and use pesticides and herbicides when you were a child? Were you exposed to chronic cigarette smoke? Bottle-fed? Raised near big power lines or a factory of some sort? Do you live in the city or the country? Served in the military? What is your vaccine load? Do you have strong, loving relationships?

How removed are you from the natural world? This question can precede the others because the less aligned you are with nature's laws, the more likely you will be unhealthy. i.e. Big exposure to EMFs that vary massively from our own magnetic frequency, and from the Earth's magnetic frequency results in cell dysfunction and eventually illness. If you get more blue-light (screen time) than nature intended you will disrupt not only melatonin production, but other critical hormone processes, again resulting in illness. 

We are unique creatures with our creative powers and ability to self-observe. However, we are also biological animals that operate within the laws of this planet. I truly see the advantage of biohacking - if you can afford it and figure it all out - because we are bio-individual and we must be flexible in our approach to health. But if you cannot bio-hack, just bio-align. 

  • Get real sunlight (in your eyes and on your skin)

  • Move your body 

  • Eat DHA

  • Reduce blue-light and EMF exposure

  • Follow circadian rhythms

  • Develop and/or maintain healthy relationships

  • Get your feet on the Earth 

  • Get your gut biome healthy (chances are it isn't)

You cannot out-exercise a bad diet and you cannot fool your body into believing that juicing will override your desk/computer job that eats up 10 hours a day. A stand-up desk is only effective for people who are already fit and healthy, it doesn't fool an unfit body into being fit. Your brain and body react to blue-light, you can't pretend like it isn't having an effect. And your body knows trans-fats are not Omega 3s. We live in a world of fuckery - where health is sacrificed for the sake of profit, where authorities (government to school) present an inhumane way of living (lots of grains! sit all day! fluorescent lights! limited social interactions!) as the best way of living.  Don't buy it. 

Go beyond food. The possibilities are insane! You have no idea what kind of a state you can enter if you allow yourself to align with your own capacity for greatness.