Evolutionary Obligates

The 'bioalignment' concept I created is fairly simple. It's like bio-hacking (click HERE for info on biohacking), but without the hacking. The idea is that by re-aligning with our evolutionary obligates we gain brain power, reduce illness and become healthier. What are 'evolutionary obligates'? Humans must have fresh air (for breathing), sunlight (for multiple functions), the Earth's magnetism, unadulterated water, real food and each other. 

And why not 'hack'? Well, I work with people and have for a long time. While I am grateful to all the health-hackers out there, I know from experience that most people are not going to and don't want to check their blood lipids or pressure all the time to see minute effects of small changes in diet, activity or rest. Most people just want to live, feel good and enjoy their lives. Many people are not experts in health and have busy family lives and jobs that require their attention. Even tracking food intake is a bit much for some. Aligning is easier than hacking. 

Bioalignment takes the 'paleo' movement or evolutionary health at face value. Not the gluttonous, meat-eating version, but the people who are really diving into how we evolved to be what we are, and how we can support our health through acknowledgment of the forces that formed us. 

Really, how many people are going to attempt to ACTUALLY live like we all used to live 'just' to be healthy? If we have it right, we all used to live outside, in the cold and heat, sometimes hungry, often dirty, afraid, brave, content, moving, sleeping on the ground, relaxed, close to others (REALLY close) and interacting with nature - not as if it's a destination, but as if it's our home. However, we need to go forward, not back. Can we realign with our biology without losing the good parts of modernity? 

Consider modern life for a minute from cars to houses, artificial light, cell phones (even f&^king Pokemon Go), 40-hour workweeks, airplane travel, refrigeration, large cities, ski lifts, the money system, the nuclear family or bombs. So many of these totally normal-to-us items or systems are very, very much set directly against human biology. And the more 'modern' the place (the U.S., U.K., etc) the more sick the people. 

Modernity has HUGE benefits: Hygiene, germ theory, the sharing of information, safe travel and so much more are all amazing, miraculous and needed. But as for our health, our version of cutting-edge (check THIS out) is literally killing us. So what to do? 

My 16-week Bioalignment experiment tested what happens when we meet those obligate human needs. I thought of this while helping my son heal from 3 head injuries sustained within 2 years. During our fight against PCS (post-concussion syndrome) I found a wilderness school for him to attend one day a week. I observed that during his full days outside, his symptoms virtually disappeared - and these were crippling headaches, dizziness, nausea, concentration problems and depression. Being who I am and doing what I do, I ran with this concept of recovery and Bioalignment was born. 

It's possible that people with head injury are sort of a canary in a coal mine for the rest of us. I've now worked with multiple clients who have or had TBI/concussion and in my work I've found this: They are more sensitive to environmental factors that we consider normal. High-sugar diets, exposure to EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies that emanate from cell phones, radios, tvs, etc), artificial lights (especially in the blue spectrum), loud noises (common in large cities) all cause some symptoms in the brain injured. When you clear up the modern interference, nature seems to offer at least some degree of easy healing. But in our digital world, this isn't easy. 

Luckily, I am married to a creative genius (see his work HERE), so he designed a canvas, pop-up house that we lived in for 4 months. Living in what we call this 'second skin' changed the way we interacted with the natural world. We chose to use no blue or artificial lights (candles and amber lights at night only), we slept on the ground (via organic cotton mats), we regulated body temperature via clothing and not artificial heating or cooling, we had no WIFI (gasp!) and often no running water (that part sucked). 

We experienced immediate, and often dramatic, improvements in health markers, psychological behaviors and family dynamics. Some were expected (better sleep), some totally surprising (weight loss) and some disturbing (a complete shift in how we experienced cities). I did not hack this experiment via blood tests - just anecdotal evidence - which is how most of us determine whether something is working or not.

I am aiming to keep the Bioalignment principles accessible and straightforward. My experiment is moving into the integration phase. I cannot wait to synthesize what I've learned for YOU!