Force Multiplier

WIKI says a FORCE MULTIPLIER, in military usage, refers to an attribute or a combination of attributes that dramatically increases the effectiveness of an item or group, giving a given number of troops (or other personnel) or weapons (or other hardware) the ability to accomplish greater things. 

i.e. A linguist or translator who is attached to an elite unit (overseas) in the military is a force multiplier because that person enhances communication with the locals. A hammer is also a force multiplier. 

I've been called a force multiplier and a secret weapon by friends, family and clients for years. My ability to see just what the 'problem' is and what is needed, from the individual level to large groups, has been honed over many years and diverse experience. 


  • A critical change in mindset, from obstacle to opportunity, can make an individual far more powerful and effective
  • The addition of healthy fats (like DHA) to the diet can increase mental clarity and capacity
  • Accessing and using flow-states increases creativity and reduces time spent on almost any project
  • Healthy relationships add energy and increase happiness, to the great benefit of everyone

What will YOUR force multiplier be? Where do YOU need to apply the hammer?