Mind Over Brain - The Primal Brain Podcast

In the first episode of the Primal Brain Podcast, you will meet Rio Richards (master's candidate, amazing artist and co-host of the podcast) and Jenni Aguilar, MHEd, CBFC & Brain Health & Performance Coach. Jenni talks about why viewing the brain through an evolutionary lens is critical to brain health and why brain health is critical in the first place. 

The main topic is mind-over-brain - neuroplasticity - and how YOU are the person who is in charge of your brain-organ and what it can and cannot do. Most people have no idea how much influence they can exert to create a brain that is optimized, clear, flexible and healthy. 

Learn about how our modern lifestyle is affecting brain health and what small steps you can do today to start supporting your brain so your dreams and goals can be a reality.